Length of Term: 

Directors of the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. shall serve for a term of (4) four years. No one may serve continuously for more than (3) three full elected terms. (Elected or appointed time for vacancies not included). A council director may serve and/or seek a (3rd) third consecutive term ONLY if no qualified application(s) are received upon the closing of the designated open application period for the regions open seat. In the event at least (1) one qualified application is received the current council director will not be permitted to run for a (3rd) third consecutive term.


Please note that an election for the 5 Regions occur every 2 years. Exceptions would be special elections or vacancies and resignations.



A candidate shall be: At least 18 years of age

  • A Resident of Castaic for a Minimum for One Year

  • A Registered voter within the boundaries of the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. (A candidate can only be elected and serve in the Region in which they reside.)

• The Castaic Area Town Council Inc. shall not borrow money nor incur indebtedness.

• Strive to accurately mirror in its policies and actions the positions and concerns of the residents of the Castaic Areas.

• Represent the region and community with equal consideration.Time Commitments


Election Committee:

A. The Election Committee shall be composed of community members, as needed, to coordinate the election of Castaic Area Town Council Inc. Directors.

B. Members of the Election Committee may not run for election.

C. The Election Committee shall prepare for, conduct and report on elections in compliance with these bylaws.


Report: The election committee shall submit a final written report of election results to the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. no later than the meeting following the elections.


Filing Fee: A filing fee as set by the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. to be submitted by each candidate at the time of registration.

Region Map: Castaic is divided into five geographic regions, each represented by two seats on the Town Council. 
Region 1: Live Oak, North Bluffs, Hillcrest Park, Hasley Hills and the Valencia Commerce Center
Region 2: Val Verde
Region 3: Hasley, Sloan and Romero Canyons 
Region 4: Meadowood, Bravo, Encore, Castaic east of I-5 & south of Lake Hughes Road 
Region 5: Double C Ranch, Hidden Lake, Stonegate, NorthLake, Castaic east of I-5 and north of Lake Hughes Road

An election shall be held on a Tuesday or Saturday in the month of November for Castaic Area Town Council Inc. positions that are expiring. All elections due to a vacant Director position will be held within 60 days after the filing fee is determined at the first regular Castaic Area Town Council Inc. (i.e.; September) meeting following the effective date of the vacancy. The election shall be by secret ballot on ballots prepared by the Election Committee. The election process is referenced in policies and procedures as defined by the County Registrar of Voters and established in the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. - Election Policies and Procedures.

Vacancies and Resignations

Resignations: The resignation of a Director shall become effective immediately upon receipt by the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. President of written notice thereof or as set forth in the letter of resignation.

Vacancies: In the event a director vacates or does not complete his or her term of office, then the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. shall fill the vacancy by the following procedures:

  1. If the remainder of the term or office is (1) one year or less, the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. will request applications from residents of the Region in which the vacancy has occurred The Castaic Area Town Council Inc. will appoint an interim Castaic Area Town Council Inc. Director from the applications by a majority vote. The interim Castaic Area Town Council Inc. Director shall serve until the position is formally filled at the next Castaic Area Town Council Inc. election.

  2. If the remainder of the term of office is more than (1) one year, the Castaic Area Town Council Inc. will activate and notify the Election Committee to conduct a Special Election in the Region the vacancy has occurred. The Special Election shall follow procedures as established in Article 16: Elections. The elected Castaic Area Town Council Inc. Director shall serve the remainder of the vacated term of office.


For specific details on removal and recalls, please see our Bylaws, click here.



The town council is a non-profit 501c3 volunteer advisory board representing the community of Castaic working alongside the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and various County Departments such as Public Safety, Regional Planning, and Parks & Recreation. The Castaic Area Town Council is comprised of 10 (ten) elected representatives from 5 (five) regions, within unincorporated Castaic. Elections are held every 2 (two) years, with a 4 (four) year commitment. We address upcoming projects and infrastructure improvements ranging from community concerns to land use, and strategic planning for the Town of Castaic.



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