• Region 1 - Andrew Chambers 

  • Region 2 - Abigail DeSesa

  • Region 3 - David Boyer

  • Region 4 - Jeff Preach

  • Region 5 - Jim D'Addario


The Castaic Area Town Council is holding a general election for council director positions in Regions 1-5 for a 4 year term. 


Candidates for election are

  • Region 1 - Andrew Chambers 

  • Region 2 - Abigail DeSesa

  • Region 3 - David Boyer

  • Region 4 - Jeff Preach (incumbent), Richard Delong, John Silva

  • Region 5 - Jim D'Addario (incumbant) 


Election results for Region 4 held on Saturday, November 7, 2020 from 10am - 2pm at the Castaic Sports Complex on Castaic Road.

Region 4 Count:

 15 - Jeff Preach (incumbent)

1 - Richard Delong

4 + 1 Provisional - John Silva


Votes were accepted from Region 4 residents who live in the area of Meadowood, Bravo, Encore, Castaic east of I-5 & south of Lake Hughes Road. 


Regions 1 - 3 were unopposed candidates and were not be balloted.

  • Region 1 - Andrew Chambers, (unopposed) 
    I have been a resident of Castaic Region I since 2010. I love our home and care about our community. I know can put my 13 years experience of working with the community through Law Enforcements, and degree in Leadership and Organizational Management to continue to work with LA County to achieve our goals of a community and be a rational reasonable member of the council.

  • Region 2 - Abigail DeSesa, (unopposed)
    As a resident and home owner in Val Verde, for over 21 years, I am very concerned with the future of our community. We are experiencing extraordinary events at this time and as a long-term resident, I believe it is important to step up and volunteer. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I desire a good healthy future for both my family and this town with sustainable growth. As a long-standing volunteer in this community I believe I have the experience needed to commit to representing Val Verde in our town of Castaic. I recognize the overall well-being for the entire town has to be the goal for all of the regions of Castaic to flourish.

  • Region 3 - David Boyer, (unopposed)
    As a Hasley Canyon resident I am interested in representing the concerns and preserving the best interests of this unique region in the Castaic community. With previous experience on civic boards including Airport Authority, Water and others, I understand the role of representing constituents voices in public affairs. Your consideration of my application for the position of Director for Region #3 is greatly appreciated.


  • Region 4 - Richard Delong, (opposed)
    I have lived in castaic since 2001, I attended Castaic middle school, Valencia high school, and I have a daughter who attends Northlake elementary. I want to be involved with the community. My family owns small businesses based out of Castaic and does their part to support the local community.


  • Region 4 - Jeff Preach, (incumbant, opposed)
    This community has been very good to the preach family. I have been fortunate to be able to give back some, 80 years of volunteering in this community. I would like to continue.

  • Region 4 -  John Silva, (opposed)
    The safety of our residents is very important to me. Keeping this a safe place for families to live and grow is why I would like to be on the board. Having 2 young children of my own, I would live for them to grow up here like my wife did, and see what this great town has to offer. I have resided here for nearly 4 years and I do not plan on leaving. I love this town and what it has to offer.


  • Region 5 - Jim D'Addario, (incumbent, unopposed)
    Thanks for the opportunity to represent Region 5 on the Castaic Area Town Council. I meet all the requirements necessary for office including I'm over 18, I've been a resident of Castaic for over 22 years, and I am a registered voter within the the boundaries of Region 5. Over the last 21 years I've held various offices with Castaic that will only help to benefit the town council. Highlights: Measure QS Citizens Committee, Community Standards District, Land Use Chair/Member, Hart District Education Specifications Committee. I live here with my wife of 28 years Beth, and our 21 year old son, Lucas, with a daughter in college in Oregon. I have a lot of interest in how our community grows and sustains itself and I'm looking towards the future to make Castaic a great place to live.



The town council is a non-profit 501c3 volunteer advisory board representing the community of Castaic working alongside the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and various County Departments such as Public Safety, Regional Planning, and Parks & Recreation. The Castaic Area Town Council is comprised of 10 (ten) elected representatives from 5 (five) regions, within unincorporated Castaic. Elections are held every 2 (two) years, with a 4 (four) year commitment. We address upcoming projects and infrastructure improvements ranging from community concerns to land use, and strategic planning for the Town of Castaic.



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