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The town council is a non-profit 501c3 volunteer board of directors representing the community of Castaic working alongside the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and various County Departments such as Public Safety, Regional Planning, and Parks & Recreation. The Castaic Area Town Council is comprised of 10 (ten) elected representatives from 5 (five) regions, within unincorporated Castaic. Elections are held every 2 (two) years, with a 4 (four) year commitment. We address upcoming projects and infrastructure improvements ranging from community concerns to land use, and strategic planning for the Town of Castaic.



The Castaic Area Town Council meets the third Wednesday of every month. They hold meetings through Zoom and live on Facebook. Meetings start at 6:30pm commencing by  6:45pm and usually run until 9:00pm. Community attendance is encouraged. 

The Town Council invites the public to speak on topics of interest. In order to keep meetings running smoothly, individuals are asked join the zoom meeting or view live on facebook. 

Agendas for the monthly meeting are posted to this website and our local community board at Ralphs on the Old Road in advance. 


The Castaic Area Town Council meets to set the agenda on the first Wednesday of every month.  Meetings start at 7:00pm commencing by  7:15pm and usually run until 8:00pm. 

Castaic, California is an unincorporated community located in the northern part of Los Angeles County, California. Many thousands of motorists pass through Castaic daily as they drive to or from Los Angeles on Interstate 5.

Supervisor, Kathryn Barger oversees activities in the 5th Supervisorial District that affect the many communities in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, including Castaic. 

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